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Trump had a meltdown about the Tax Day protests.

April 16, 2017

Baby Trump Tantrum

Easter Sunday began innocently enough in Cheetolini's crazy twitter.

However, little over thirty minutes later Baby Coral Hands went into a full blow tamtrum over the Tax Day protests.

OK. Let's evaluate Trump's electoral college "win." It ranks 46th out the 58 elections. Additionally, going back to Rutherford B. Hayes, every Republican president but one (Bush 43) won a larger share of Electoral College than Trump. So take several seats.

Hold up!

Just 6 minutes ago you were boasting about your electoral college "win". It's almost like he's surprised people want to see his damn taxes. Time to keep up the resistance, folks. It's really getting to him. Don't forget the March for Science is next Saturday!

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  1. Took time out of my life - and Was NOT paid! Not bringing up tax returns again - STILL bringing them up. Never stopped asking. If you have nothing to hide, then show them.

  2. This Trump "dynasty has to go-Classless pigs!

  3. If the election is over then why are you still campaigning?

  4. Why is he still allowed to be president when there is proof of treason fixing the election. Hillary won fair and square, Trump is a fraud and a traitor and should be in jail not to have nuclear codes. He could start a WWIII right now, why hasn't someone done something to save our country and the people? IMPEACH THE TRAITOR!

  5. Mr orange man you only won by 45 million votes. An 78 million people votes where for the other people who ran against you. I know I will have to break this down so a small mind can comprehend. 68 million for Hillary Rodham Clinton!!! An 10 million for the libiterian party an the green party. Now think about how many Americans did not vote for you


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