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Vice President Biden and President Obama are hitting the trail with Hilary this week!

July 4, 2016

With the dates for both the Republican and Democratic conventions fast approaching, the general election is heating up. It's been a thing of beauty to see the Democratic A team getting off the bench. We first saw Elizabeth Warren roar on the scene in a much awaited appearance in Ohio alongside Hillary late in June. This week - both President Obama and Vice President Biden will hit the trail with the presumptive nominee, Hillary Clinton.

Biden and Obama stretching out

Obama and Clinton originally planned to make their first campaign appearance together in Wisconsin, but the June 15 rally was postponed due to the mass shooting at an Orlando nightclub.

For their visit to Charlotte on Tuesday, President Obama and presumptive Secretary Clinton will travel together on Air Force One, the White House announced Monday.

Hillary and Obama getting out of Air Force One

Trump freaked out per usual ...

Few things, for security reasons the president ALWAYS flies on on air force one - sooooo yeah he's flying in Air Force One. Perhaps you should know these things since you want his job and all.

Then there's also the fact that the Clinton campaign is picking up the tab for the costs of bringing the president to town, and also paying to rent the Convention Center. So chiiiiilll, Trump ...

The president and his former secretary of State will arrive together at 2:25 p.m. at the North Carolina Air National Guard Base, according to the White House press office. They will travel to the Charlotte Convention Center for their first campaign appearance together. The event starts at 3 p.m., and doors open at 1.

Biden and Clinton

For his part, Vice President Biden will join Clinton next Friday at a campaign event in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Biden was born in Scranton, and Clinton's father grew up there so it seems like a first place for them to join forces.

It may a short week but oodles is happenin' we'll keep you posted so come back for more.

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