POC POD Episode 33 is out! We talk about the firing of former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Deputy FBI Director Andy McCabe. We catch up with Stormy Daniels and her ace legal team. We also begin to unravel the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

The Donald

Trump hugging the flag

Hillary Clinton on Jimmy Kimmel Hillary Clinton Tries to Read Donald Trump Quotes with a Straight Face
Secretary Hillary Clinton joined Jimmy Kimmel last night. Watch as she tries to read real quotes from Donald Trump while trying to keep a straight face. The toupée bowl is our favorite. More >>

Michael Cohen - say's who? Best exchange with a Trumper. Watch what happens when his denial meets the unmovable object of reality. #sayswho #allofthem
Donald Trump is getting smoked in the polls right now because he has run the most inept campaign in the history of campaigns. So with that being the state of the race on Wednesday, the 17th of August in the year of our Lord 2016, Michael Cohen, one of Donald Trump's top advisers (and unbelievably his lawyer,) went on CNN to try to pedal that Trump is gonna win. Brianna Keilar was pinch hitting for Wolf Blitzer in the situation, and thank God she was! She asked Cohen about why polls that say the exact opposite. Cohen was about that. More >>

Ana Navarro Ana Navarro tears into CNN spokes-apologist Lewandowski
Like most of us, conservative CNN commentator Ana Navarro isn’t a big fan of The Donald. She’s spent the last several months blasting Donald Trump and his surrogates for their racism and stupidity. There was something special about Tuesday Night on Don Lemon’s show, Navarro went off on former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and his newly named campaign manager Kellyanne Conway. Enjoy the fireworks below: More >>

Trump in Fort Lauderdale Clinton and Obama founded ISIS Trump claims and doubles downs on the claim that President Obama and Hillary Clinton cofounded ISIS.
In a rally in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida yesterday, The Donald continued his spiral out another alleged pivot, and after calling for second amendment solutions to Hillary Clinton, he continued his diarrhea of the mouth by saying that President Obama and Secretary Clinton are the cofounders of ISIS. More >>

Trump floats second amendment solutions for Hillary Trump Floats Second Amendment Solutions To Stop Hillary Clinton
Just when you think you've seen the worst of The Donald's tantrums at the implosion of his losing campaign ... In a rally in Wilmington, North Trump casually floated Second Amendment solutions to stop Hillary Clinton. In response, Hillary for America Campaign Manager Robby Mook released the following statement: “This is simple—what Trump is saying is dangerous. A person seeking to be the President of the United States should not suggest violence in any way.” More >>

Trump Economy Speech WaPo fact-checkers Trump’s “pathetic, even embarrassing” falsehoods in real time ...
The Donald went to Detroit to deliver a major economic policy speech. Scripted Donald is much more palatatable than the ranting and raving alternative and policy substance is always appreciated ... but per ush ... he spend the better part of an hour lying to the American people.

Check out the action More >>

Hillary Clinton handles protesters like a boss Hillary Clinton has protesters jump the barricade triggering secret service into action.
She handles it like a boss.

At a rally today animal right protesters in Las Vegas jumped the barricades prompting Hillary's Secret Service detail jump into action to protect her.

Check out the action More >>

Empty Podium Trump sows the seeds to not debate in the fall.
Earlier last winter, Trump missed a Republican debate under the guise of raising funds for Vets. We know the truth is he was really just afraid of Megyn Kelly. Many saw his excuse and absence from the stage made many wonder if he'd make the general election debates should he become the Republican's nominee. Cut to July 30, 2016. The date when The Donald started to sow the seeds to wuss out of debating Hillary Clinton. More >>

Trump crazy press conference Trumps treasonous request of Russia
A spectacular DNC is underway - and The Donald couldn't stand not being the center of attention. His silly tweets all week were just not getting enough traction. So in an uncommon move - Trump held a press conference and said yet another stupid thing to try to steal the news cycle. More >>

Sen. Warren pops Trump's bubble animated gif Trump tries to come for Elizabeth Warren and she shuts him down!
Saturday afternoon was the first day Hillary Clinton and her VP pick Tim Kaine first hit the trail together. Being the narcissist he is - The Donald couldn't wait to get chime in of course by firing off a ridiculous tweet at awesome Senator Professor Warren again trying to insult her calling her Pocahontas.

Per usual, Senator Warren wasn't here for his non-sense and quickly shut him down. More >>

Dumpter Fire animated gif Recap of the Dumpster fire ... AKA RNC: Day 1
Conventions normally always include a lot of news and pomp and circumstance. This tends to be the time the general public begings to pay attention to politics. Reince Prebus gaveled the Republican National Convention and off we went. Day 1 was painful to watch ... Here's the highlights: More >>

Trump and Pence How much does Mike Pence disagree with Donald Trump? The "Interview"
The original event to unveil The Donald's VP pick was cancelled due to the horrific events in Nice, France. However, at around the time of the previously scheduled event - the official announcement came where else ... but on the twitter. His favorite.

Meet Mike Pence, Donald Trump's running mate. The Indiana governor emerged as Trump’s likely running mate Thursday, prompting a new wave of attention to Pence’s positions on trade, immigration, healthcare and diplomacy. More >>

Trump and Christie Republican Veepstakes
So who is The Donald looking at and where do those on the shortlist fit in to the above categories? More over ... who is he going to pick???????

We know the presumptive Republican candidate has said he is looking for a running mate who has something he lacks - political experience – and if the people who appear to be undergoing the vetting process are an indication, that’s exactly what is happening. More >>

Hillary in Atlantic City takes on Donald's Faux Business Record Trumps Faux Successful Business Record
Hillary Clinton delivered Part 3 of her Trump Take down series ( Previously Part 1: Dangerous on National Security and Part 2: Dangerous on the Economy )

Speaking to a crowd in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The staging was masterful as she spoke in front of the defunct Trump Plaza Casino. She went in on The Donald Trump’s business record. More >>

Trump and Hussein Trump found a muslim he likes! Saddam Hussein
Donald Trump has been lamenting the death of Saddam Hussein for months. On Tuesday, in yet another sign that the general election is less hospitable territory than the Republican primary, his repeated praise of the late Iraqi dictator finally caught up with him.

He said of the dictator and I quote ... "He was a bad guy — really bad guy," the presumptive Republican nominee told supporters in Raleigh, North Carolina. "But you know what? He did well. He killed terrorists. He did that so good. They didn't read them the rights. They didn't talk. They were terrorists. Over. Today, Iraq is Harvard for terrorism."
More >>

President Barack Obama, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, in Ottawa Trump is no Populist
Reporters fired of questions to President Obama, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during a trilateral press conference at the North American Leaders meeting. The common theme: Populism and The Donald.

President Obama went off on a bit of a rant Wednesday in which he disputed the idea that Donald Trump is a populist and that the presumptive GOP nominee instead promotes "nativism" or "xenophobia." "I'm not prepared to concede the notion that some of the rhetoric that's been popping up is populist," he said said of The Donald. More >>

Brexit What the heck is Brexit and why should we care?
We would be remiss to ignore the parallels in the demographics that brought Leave it's win and those we see in the US supporting The Donald. Older, the poorly educated, those who fear immigrants, and those who want to give a middle finger to the "establishment." As the dominoes are beginning to fall many today wish they could renege on their vote. Many saying "I never thought Leave would win. I just voted in protest!" Democracy isn't a game. This Brexit vote should serve as an ear-splitting warning that while Trump would be detrimental to our national security , fear-mongers and incessantly lies, has little funding for his campaign, he could become president of the US. This general election is genuinely the most consequential one in our lifetimes. We simply cannot afford to answer to our worst demons by following suit and electing Trump. More >>

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