POC POD Episode 33 is out! We talk about the firing of former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Deputy FBI Director Andy McCabe. We catch up with Stormy Daniels and her ace legal team. We also begin to unravel the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Clinches nomination

Hillary Clinton on Jimmy Kimmel Hillary Clinton Tries to Read Donald Trump Quotes with a Straight Face
Secretary Hillary Clinton joined Jimmy Kimmel last night. Watch as she tries to read real quotes from Donald Trump while trying to keep a straight face. The toupée bowl is our favorite. More >>

Hillary Clinton App and Podcast Hillary Clinton Tries to Read Donald Trump Quotes with a Straight Face
Hillary Clinton might be namedropping Pokémon Go on the campaign trail, but she'll also be hoping her supporters have some smartphone battery left for another app — her own. Clinton supporters Hillary for America launched Hillary 2016 on the App Store last night, an app that offers daily challenges and quizzes to Clinton supporters, as well as providing digital and physical rewards to volunteers who help organize and canvas for the Democratic candidate. More >>

Hillary handles protestors like a boss Hillary Clinton has protesters jump the barricade triggering secret service into action. She handles it like a boss.
At a rally today animal right protesters in Las Vegas jumped the barricades prompting Hillary's Secret Service detail jump into action to protect her.

Check out the action More >>

Empty Podium Trump sows the seeds to not debate in the fall.
Earlier last winter, Trump missed a Republican debate under the guise of raising funds for Vets. We know the truth is he was really just afraid of Megyn Kelly. Many saw his excuse and absence from the stage made many wonder if he'd make the general election debates should he become the Republican's nominee. Cut to July 30, 2016. The date when The Donald started to sow the seeds to wuss out of debating Hillary Clinton. More >>

Trump crazy press conference Trumps treasonous request of Russia
A spectacular DNC is underway - and The Donald couldn't stand not being the center of attention. His silly tweets all week were just not getting enough traction. So in an uncommon move - Trump held a press conference and said yet another stupid thing to try to steal the news cycle. More >>

Elizabeth Banks Entry into the DNC trolls Trump Elizabeth Banks and friends sings a little Karaoke. Their Fight Song Remix
Elizabeth Banks, of Hunger Games fame - gathered a few A-List friends to join in an awesome Karaoke of the campaign for Hillary's campaign and belt out Katy Perry's Fight Song. Check out their awesome rendition below: More >>

Lin Manuel Miranda and Hillary Clinton Hamilton creator Lin Manuel Miranda introduces the 45 President.
We told you earlier about How Lin Manuel Miranda and his Hamilton Crew would be adding an extra performance for the Broadway Smash Hamilton to serve as a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton We have a little snipbit of the event. Don't throw away your shot to see show creator/composer/character originator and all around awesome man ... Lin Manuel Miranda introduce the 45 president of the United States. More >>

Sanders endorses Clinton Sanders is with her.
It only took 36 from the close of the primaries and Hillary reaching the magic numbers to clinch the title of presumptive nominee, but Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders took the stage in New Hampshire on Tuesday morning for their first joint appearance after a heated primary race. More >>

Hillary at AME Church 200th anniversary Full Video of Clinton at the 200th anniversary of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.
Friday was supposed to be the day we saw Secretary Clinton hit the trail with Vice President Biden. Due to the unfortunate violence this week, the event was cancelled. Hillary did keep to the remainder of her schedule Friday evening, speaking in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at a celebration of the 200th anniversary of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. More >>

Hillary in Atlantic City takes on Donald's Faux Business Record Trumps Faux Successful Business Record
Hillary Clinton delivered Part 3 of her Trump Take down series ( Previously Part 1: Dangerous on National Security and Part 2: Dangerous on the Economy )

Speaking to a crowd in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The staging was masterful as she spoke in front of the defunct Trump Plaza Casino. She went in on The Donald Trump’s business record. More >>

Clinton and Obama campaign in North Carolina Fired Up and Ready to go! President Obama delivered a barnburner on behalf of HRC.
... Boy did the Obama deliver! President Obama delivered a barnburner on her behalf on Tuesday, lavishing praise on her “steady judgment” as his secretary of state and criticizing Donald J. Trump for his own lack of transparency.

He meant business with sleeves rolled up and declaring himself “fired up” on her behalf and even leading chants of "Hillary, Hillary" Mr. Obama heaped admiration on Mrs. Clinton and assailed Mr. Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, saying American voters face a critical choice between “some imaginary past, or whether we are going to reach for the future.”
More >>

Hillary Clinton Emails - Texts from Hillary No Hillary Indictment - Statement from FBI director Comey - Full Video
... Comey capped the lengthy recap of the investigation the FBI conducted that found no clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information by saying "Our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case," More >>

Biden and Obama stretching out Vice President Biden and President Obama are hitting the trail with Hilary this week!
With the dates for both the Republican and Democratic conventions the general election is heating up. It's been a thing of beauty to see the Democratic A team getting off the bench. We first saw Elizabeth Warren roar on the scene in a much awaited appearance in Ohio alongside Hillary late in June. This week - both President Obama and Vice President Biden will hit the trail with the presumptive nominee. More >>

Benghazi beating a dead horse Benghazi - OUT
House Republicans capped a partisan, two-year investigation of the Benghazi terror attacks Tuesday with a report that faults the Obama administration for security lapses that led to the deaths of four Americans but contains no revelations likely to further damage Hillary Clinton. Zip, Nothing, Nada.

More >>

Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren together in Ohio Who run the world? Girls! Sec. Clinton and Sen. Warren together in Ohio.
Hillary Clinton and Senator professor Elizabeth Warren held their first joint campaign event on Monday. It was a mutual love fest between the two. Both wearing similar shades of blue, grasped hands onstage in the grand corridor of the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal, waving to the estimated crowd of 2600.

More >>

Hamilton Hillary Fundraiser Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton the Musical, Hillary Clinton - Yes please! ‪#‎HamilHillz‬
Organized by the Hillary Victory Fund, seats for the matinee performance start at $2,700 (honestly cheaper than what some scalpers are asking) and go up to $100,000 to be an “Event Chair” which gets you two premium seats, a wrap party with Clinton and “other special guests,” and an invite to the Democratic National Convention. Tickets are available on Clinton's website if that's how you roll and want to contribute. You can also enter to win a free trip and tickets on the campaign's dime. Hamilton is seriously one of the best things we've ever seen on stage. We don't know about you, but we're "not throwing away our shot" to be "in the room where it happens." #HamilHillz More >>

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