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2016 Democratic Primary post mortem. We made it!

June 15, 2016

The 2016 primaries are over!!!!

We maaaaaaaaaaaade it, people!!!! The primary DC closed out the primary season and gave Hillary a loop-sided win to putting a bow on campaign's race to the nomination. While we understand that the Democratic Party Presidential candidate field was not as large as the Republican one there were more candidates than Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Today we figured we'd focus on them and we'd take a stab at a post mortem and take look at the last few months and offer a nuanced look at the primary through the numbers.

Contest Won

Hillary Clinton: 34 contests won.
Bernie Sanders: 23 contests won.
Edge: Hillary Clinton won 11 more states.
2016 Democratic Primary Contest won Graph

The map below shows the contest distribution: 
2016 Democratic Primary Contest won Map

Popular Vote

Hillary Clinton: 15,805,136 (56.78%)
Bernie Sanders: 12,029,696 (43.22%)
Edge: Spread +3,720,351 Clinton

2016 Democratic Primary Popular Vote Graph

Delegate Math

Pledged Delegates
Hillary Clinton: 2219
Bernie Sanders: 1832
Edge: Spread +387 Clinton

Delegate Totals
Hillary Clinton: 2800
Bernie Sanders: 1881
Edge: Spread +919 Clinton

Bernie Sanders largest delegate haul came from the Washington Caucus were he netted 47 delegates.

While that win was impressive. It is clearly an outlier as it was overshadowed by the Washington Primary on May 24 where Clinton actually won (Clinton: 52% (387,900) to Sanders: 48% (357,442).) However, the smaller caucus which with it's 26,299 votes (about 230,000 people attended the caucuses March 26) is what counted for delegate allocation. This put a little bit of a damper on Sanders argument that higher turn out means a huuuuuge win for him. It also makes a case for just how undemocratic caucus are, as many can't break away from work or other commitments to sit in a room for hours to be able to get their vote on.

Sanders did have some success in a few contest:
Utah Caucus: 21 delegate gain.
Colorado Caucus: 16 delegate gain.
Vermont Primary: 16 delegate gain.
Minnesota Caucus: 15 delegate gain.
Kansas Caucus: 13 delegate gain.
Idaho Caucus: 13 delegate gain.
Oregon Primary: 11 delegate gain.
Alaska Caucus: 10 delegate gain.
Wisconsin Primary: 10 delegate gain.

Sander's didn't break a double digit delegate gain in any of the other contests he won.

Clinton had large double digit delegates hauls in 19 of the contests were she prevailed. This is exactly how she amassed an insurmountable 300+ delegate lead by March 15. We break it down below:
Texas Primary: 72 delegate gain.
Florida Primary: 68 delegate gain.
California Primary: 63 delegate gain.
Georgia Primary: 44 delegate gain.
Alabama Primary: 35 delegate gain.
New Jersey Primary: 32 delegate gain.
New York Primary: 31 delegate gain.
Virginia Primary: 29 delegate gain.
Mississippi Primary: 26 delegate gain.
South Carolina Primary: 25 delegate gain.
Maryland Primary: 25 delegate gain.
Louisiana Primary: 23 delegate gain.
Pennsylvania Primary: 23 delegate gain.
Tennessee Primary: 21 delegate gain.
Ohio Primary: 19 delegate gain.
North Carolina Primary: 13 delegate gain.
Arkansas Primary: 12 delegate gain.
Puerto Rico Primary: 12 delegate gain.
DC Primary: 12 delegate gain.

2016 Democratic Primary Hillary Clinton Lead Graph

By any metric you choose, Hillary Clinton has convincingly won the Democratic party nomination and made history by being the first woman to be nominated by a major political party in the US.

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